Hi Everyone,

I’m about to say some things that you may have heard me say before. But I think these things bear repeating to give context to what will follow.

I love restaurants. I love being served well and giving good service. I love eating and drinking and I love it when others enjoy what they’re eating and drinking. I love the magic of conversation, connection, and unity that happens through the process of dining. I love that I get to be able to be a part of a community of service; restaurant people are my favorite people and I feel lucky to be one too.

I have a dream for this restaurant. I want it to be better than what it was. In the past nine months, I feel that we as a team have achieved this. But I also want it to be better that what it is right now. I want it to be the type of place where both guests and staff always want to be. I want people to be waiting to dine here and I want people to be waiting to work here. I want to create a culture where other people want your job – not just because of the excellent living that they could make, but because of the excellent culture that they could be a part of.  

In order to do this, I take a “you-centered” approach. You are my first priority. My chain-of-events-philosophy is that if you are happy, then the guests are happy, then the money is good, then the bills are more than paid, then growth can occur, then you and your teammates (both old and new) are happy, and so on.

I am committed to your growth, both as a person and as a team member. Part of this commitment means that I am not interested in wasting your time or energy. I am grateful that I get to be a part of your process and to help provide tools to make both your job and your life work better.

No single one of us can make this happen by ourselves. In order for this system to work, you have to be “all-in.” Showing up and being active in both your and the team’s development boosts all of our efforts and ensures that the dream succeeds.

All of this leads to a new policy. We will have an “All Staff Meeting” every other month on the third Monday. If the meeting falls on a Bank Holiday, the meeting will take place the following week. I have updated the calendar with the meeting dates through 2020.

 You are expected to be at every meeting in order to develop your own personal and professional interests as well as respecting the process of the rest of the team. Missing one meeting within a year can be understood with advanced notice. Missing two meetings will result in being removed from one shift per week for a month. Missing three meetings signifies your resignation from the team. This policy begins today.

 No matter who you are, how long you’ve been here, how many shifts you work, you are vital. I believe you and all of us can create some amazing things. I love who we are, what we do, and I look forward to what we will create together.

 With dignity and respect,


Background photo courtesy of Michele